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Vitamins and Nutraceutical

We have the experience and integrity to meet all your labeling needs.

Vitamin Labels Progressive Label and Packaging

The Vitamins and Nutraceutical Industry

Progressive Label works closely with vitamin manufactures and OEM’s. We have a huge selection of custom die shapes and stock materials offering our customers the best label on the shelf. We evaluate the customer’s job specifications allowing us to customize our process to the needs of our clients. Progressive Label keeps detailed records of every order, tracking every product.

Our resources for Vitamins & Nutraceuticals industries include:

  • Quick change requirements for the USDA compliance
  • FDA adhesives and inks
  • 200 line screen 4 color process
  • Experience working with contract manufacturers
  • Short and long runs
  • Instant redeemable coupons
  • Experience handling thousands of SKU’s
  • Barcode scan-ability testing
  • Job tracking via internet
  • Flexible film packaging
  • Thermal transfers and direct thermal material and varnishes with your logo